Here is a listing of the Partnership for Peace Consortium's publications, including our widely read scholarly journal Connections. The publications cover a variety of topics in international security and defense institution building. Please see below for a listing of all our published items, or click on each publication individually to view the publication's published items.

Connections - Scholarly Journal (147)

Connections is a free, peer-reviewed quarterly scholarly journal, published by the Partnership for Peace Consortium, widely read at international security institutes such as the NATO Defense College, US Army War College, Austrian National Defense Academy and numerous others. Subscribe today and join our readership from 800 international organizations across the international security, defense, government, and civil agency communities.

If you would like to submit an article for review by the Connections Editorial Board Editorial Board, please contact us at

Browse recent research published in the PfPC's journal Connections on contemporary international security issues.

Study Group Proceedings (8)

Download the published proceedings from the Partnership for Peace Consortium's Study Groups. These groups include the Regional Security in the South Caucasus Study Group (RSSC Study Group) and the Regional Security in Southeast Europe Study Group (RSSEE SG).  These groups strive to foster regional stability and international security and where appropriate play a vital role in conflict resolution.

Athena Papers (1)

The Athena Papers were previously published by the Partnership for Peace Consortium and cover a variety of topics of interest to the international security community.

Annual Reports (6)

Annual reports provide a comprehensive overview of our defense education, defense institution building, regional security, and other activities throughout the year and serves as a handy compendium for the PfPC community and the interested public.

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