Tuesday, 25 April 2017 00:00

Montenegro’s Upcoming NATO Membership – Internal, Regional and International Implications Featured

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Executive Summary of Recommendations:
• Political parties from Montenegro: calm down the NATO accession issue after the elections – be politically as transparent as possible and stick to
the democratic rules in line with the Montenegrin Constitution.
• Governments from South East Europe: enable more cooperation between the regional intelligence services in the fight against organized crime and
• EU and NATO: use the dynamics in the NATO enlargement process to initiate a security dialogue between Belgrade and Priština/Prishtina.
• Belgrade and Priština/Prishtina: see such a security dialogue as a chance to substantially improve the security environment.
• NATO: use tools from the PfP to enhance the cooperation with Kosovo, even before its membership in the PfP.
• NATO: enhance the cooperation with Serbia in the scope of PfP.
• NATO: take a pro-active stance to overcome Macedonia’s hurdles to become a member country.