Regional Security in Southeast Europe Study Group Examines Regional Political Parties

The Regional Security in Southeast Europe (RSSEE) Study Group gathered in Reichenau, Austria, 22-24 May 2014 for its 28th workshop with the topic: "Political Parties in South East Europe: Supporting Intra-State, Regional and European Consolidation?" The Commandant of the Austrian National Defence Academy, Lieutenant General Erich Csitkovits, welcomed the participants in Reichenau on 23...

Combating Terrorism Working Group Produces Background Paper on Foreign Fighters in Syria

The Combating Terrorism Working Group produced a new background paper, based on a presentation during a partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) Combating Terrorism Workshop held in Brussels April 23-25, 2014 on the topic of foreign fighters. The paper discusses reasons driving the phenomenon and highlights some legal responses taken by Western European states to stem flow of foreign fighters to Syria and to reduce any potential disruptive activities upon return to their countries of departure.