Consortium Steering Committee meeting of the Partnership for Peace Consortium in Sofia.

The Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) Consortium Steering Committee meet in Sofia, Bulgaria from February 05 to February 07, 2019. The Consortium Steering Committee (CSC) consists of representatives of the stakeholders and the chairs of the Working and Study Groups and is the steering body of the WG activities with regard to content.
During the meeting, the Committee agreed amongst other things, on the following:
• To provide working group leadership for the Counter Terrorism Working Group (CTWG), Dr. Sajjan Gohel will serve as interim CTWG co-chair until end September 2019.
• Each stakeholder institutional representative will designate a contact person for institutional web postings of stakeholder events and publications.
• Proposals for four reference curricula will be sent to the DEEP academic leads for demand signaling and prioritization: Leadership and Ethics (1), Hybrid Warfare (2), Logistics (3) and Operational Planning (4). The recommendation will then be passed to the Senior Advisory Council (SAC) for consideration.