RSSEE Explores Role of Political Parties on Regional Consolidation

The Commandant of the Austrian National Defence Academy, Lieutenant General Erich Csitkovits, welcomed the participants in Reichenau on 04 May 2018. He talked about the success and legacy of this Study Group since 1999 as well as the importance that experts will assess the developments in the post-conflict area and can provide recommendations to their international stakeholders. The objectives of this meeting are to analyze the role of political parties in supporting intra-state, regional and European consolidation.

The guiding questions are:

- Which factors are responsible for the circumstances that in some parts of South East Europe the consolidation of Intra-State and neighbourhood relations have suffered setbacks or remain trapped in stagnation in the recent past.

- Which steps have to be taken by regional and international actors to support the overcoming of blockade policies and improve relations to neighbour states?

- To what extent can the EU's reaffirmed enlargement strategy for the Western Balkans be used to consolidate Intra-State relations in a more intensive way?

The members of the study group will formulate the answers to these questions in the form of policy recommendations to stakeholders and decision-makers.